Thursday, September 2, 2010

XC season is my FAVORITE season

I can't believe I haven't written in so long!  Senior year is going really well.  I got a job today working at a cute little pizza place right outside of town and I'm so excited about it!  I LOVE serving costumers; interacting with them, hopefully brightening their day.  It's great. :)  

I ran in my first XC meet post surgery yesterday!  I thank the Lord every time I run.  It's such an incredible miracle that I'm running at all this season.  I didn't do very well time wise, BUT I finished, and that's huge in my book.  I'm just really excited and blessed to be part of such an awesome team and awesome sport.  Everyone is so encouraging while you're out running.  Girls running by will say a quick "good job" or "keep it up" even though they're passing you (or you're passing them).  It's such a cool atmosphere.  We're all out there running, just running, as a sport.  (Insane, right?)  But we all are out there together, we all know how the other person feels, and everyone helps each other out.  Whether it be by unintentionally pushing someone else to run faster or verbally encouraging them, we all sorta form a family out there, even though we're competing against each other.  Another great thing about XC is that it's and individual AND team sport.  You're always trying to improve your own time, but also cheering on your teammates when they increase their time or if the top 7 move up together.  The guys cheer for the girls while they run, meeting us at spots along the course, and the we do the same for them.  I know that hearing them cheering for me pumps me up more than anything, well maybe not as much as my dad, but it's pretty close.  And then you finally cross the finish line with so many parents and friends cheering for you to give it your all and sprint the finish, and somehow you always manage to.  I love XC.  It's my favorite sport.  OH, and after the meet is the best part.  We all go (it was originally just the guys, but another girl and I go too now) to El Puertos, this Mexican restaurant in town, and just hang out together, stuff our faces, and have a great time.  It's awesome because on the XC team, it really doesn't matter what grade you're in... we form such a close bond that we end up forgetting about all the normal "seniority" stuff... haha except in line at team dinners.  SENIORS at the front, hahaha.  I just love XC so much.  The people make the sport.  We all come together and kill ourselves running and we do care about the place we come in, but the team is the real reason we're there, at least it is for me.  :)  

I hope you enjoyed reading.  I know I enjoyed sharing about my favorite sport :)

YOU are Beautifully and Wonderfully Made.

Ky :)