Sunday, June 19, 2011


Wow, two posts in one day? What craziness. It's a new record for me! I hope you all enjoyed my Father's Day post.

M and I on the hike!
Well, I went on a hike today with my family, minus my brother, S who is having the best week of his life up in New York at Young Life's Lake Saranac! I'm so excited to hear all about his week and how he has grown in his relationship with the Lord. I know my week at camp sophomore year at Lake Champion was one of the most meaningful and life changing weeks of my life.

Anyways, going on the hike with my family made me long to be in Maine.  We leave on Friday!!! Ahhh, I can't wait. Anyways, I thought I would share with you all this awesome webcam that shows the exact place I am every summer. Isn't the lake beautiful?! I love it so much and I can't wait to spend extra time there this summer.

Hope you all are enjoying your father's day!

YOU are Beautifully and Wonderfully Made,
Ky :)

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to the best dad.  You and I are so very similar.  We've gone on numerous spur of the minute road trips to go see a basketball game or to tour a college campus.  Dad, you always support me in all my decisions and have taught me what it means to be committed to something.  You challenge me to really think about something before I do it and always push me to reach my highest potential.  You and Mom made a point to be at every one of my sporting events (home or away) and every choir show.  Whether I was playing a soccer game or running a XC meet, your voice was one of the only ones I heard out of the crowd.  You always made me want to push harder.  When I asked to use our house for Campaigners, you didn't bat an eye.  You two have been so supportive in my walk with Christ.  I know that you two will always be there for me.  When I wanted to go to UT, you made me look into other schools, but in the end, you supported me in my decision.  I love you, Dad!  You are the best.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Zac Brown Band

Yay! It's official! I graduated! It's almost been a full week of official summer, which for me, puts me in a serious country music mood.  I'm also starting to embrace country music so I'm prepared for when I go to UT, hahaha.  My favorite country band, by far, is the Zac Brown Band.  They're SO GOOD.  Ahhh I love their harmonies.  Go ahead and give me chills why don't you.  They have a new single out that I highly recommend you listen to.  It's amazing.  

I hope you all are having a wonderful beginning of summer!  

YOU are Beautifully and Wonderfully made,

Ky :)