Saturday, January 1, 2011

6 Months Left

Recently, I've had a really dry season in my relationship with the Lord.  I've just not been able to connect, let myself settle by not pursuing anyone or being intentional in my actions toward ALL my friends.  It's so easy to get swept into the "normal" teenage things to do: talking about other people behind their backs, being overly concerned with personal image, and only really being concerned with myself and my closest group of friends. But as always, here comes the Lord and he gives me some freaking awesome new friendships and continues to bless me with friends who love me and encourage me in my walk of faith.  These friends are not going to let me settle and constantly encourage me to push myself and discover exactly what the Lord is calling me to do.  I am eternally grateful for them. 

One of those friends in particular, one of my Young Life leaders, Choley, who is a senior in college at JMU and is in the same situation as I am with the prospects of graduating, understands wanting do accomplish as much as possible senior year.  It's so easy to think, "Okay, I have only six months left in my high school career, what difference am I really going to make?  I'm leaving and going out of state to college next year, is it really worth it?  All I really want to do is spend time in my comfort zone with those who know me best..."  Choley came to me with a challenge about a month ago.  She posed the question: Who do you want to me at the end of your senior year?  We both made a list of goals and shared one evening when we were hanging out.  I must admit that my list has changed a bit since we shared, so this is not the exact list that I told Choley.
  • Spend more time in the Word, but also finding a way to worship rather than the classic "quiet time."  I want to explore and find what works best for me.
  • I want to speak with intention to my friends.  Jesus never beat around the bush.  He spoke in parables, but never acted or spoke against what he believed.  What's the worst that can happen?  Them not wanting to hear it?  I will be BOLD.
  • Even though I'm leaving next year, I do want to love and spend time with younger students.  I can still have a positive impact even though I'm leaving soon.  
  • I want to spend quality time with friends that I most likely won't see after high school.
  • I want to be different and show everyone Christ's love.  I find that sometimes I'm unintentionally selective with who I am kind to, especially through my thoughts.
  • I want to speak about my faith with my siblings.
I know that's quite a long list, but I'm determined.  I'm so thankful for the people that God has placed in my life and the constant encouragement I receive.  I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

YOU are Beautifully and Wonderfully Made.

Kylie :)

P.S. For my birthday my aunt had "Beautifully and Wonderfully Made" engraved on a necklace for me!  Coolest gift ever?? Yep. :)

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